Feel Good Combo. (Wall Fan)


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“Feel Good Combo” with our revolutionary bundle! The 50W Mono Solar Panel delivers efficient and reliable solar power, backed by cutting-edge technology and a 1-year warranty. Paired with the 16-inch AC/DC Fan, enjoy versatile cooling with added features like inbuilt LED and indicator light. This bundle ensures uninterrupted comfort, whether you’re off-grid or just want to stay cool sustainably.


Embark on an energy revolution with our “Feel Good Combo” bundle, featuring the cutting-edge 50 Watts Mono Solar Panel and the versatile 16-inch DC Fan. Our 20W Mono Solar Panel, a compact powerhouse, is engineered for ultimate efficiency, making it ideal for various applications. Charge batteries, power small devices, or embark on off-grid adventures with confidence, backed by its 1-year warranty. Equipped with advanced multi-busbar PERC cells, it ensures optimal performance, even in challenging conditions.

Paired seamlessly with our 16-inch DC Fan, this bundle is your gateway to cool, eco-friendly living. Designed for Nigerian climates, the fan boasts a 16-inch 5 blades for powerful air circulation. Enjoy added features like an inbuilt LED and indicator light, elevating both function and aesthetics. Compatible with existing solar and inverter solutions, this fan ensures uninterrupted cooling, day or night.

Key Features:

Efficiency Unleashed: Our 50W Mono Solar Panel maximizes solar energy harnessing, ensuring performance even in challenging conditions.

Compact Design: Versatile and space-saving, this solar panel fits seamlessly into various settings.

Reliability: With a 1-year warranty , our solar panel is built to last, providing a dependable energy source.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Featuring advanced multi-busbar PERC cells for higher power output and improved temperature-dependent performance.

Versatile Cooling: The 16-inch DC Fan ensures powerful air circulation.

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Feel Good Combo. (Wall Fan)


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