Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Started

How do i sign up to eshop?
How do i sign in after creating an account?
What do i do when i forget my password?
I can’t sign in to my account

Shopping on eShop

How To Shop On Eshop?
Does it matter if i pay on delivery or pay online?
How do i save items to view later?


How do i pay for items purchased?
What is eshop wallet?
Should i pay to any individual account?

How do i track orders

How do i check status of my order?
How do i know if it has been shipped?
How can i cancel order?
How can i print an invoice for an order?


How many days does it take to deliver?
How will my delivery be done?
Will my items be delivered in a single package?
What should i do after my order has arrived?

Cancellations and returns

How do i cancell an order?
Can i return it if i do not want item?
What should i do incase of damaged or defective product?
Are there specific products that can’t be returned?

Return policy

What is Your return Policy?

Requirements for a valid return

What are your Requirement for a valid return?
How to return?

Payment methods

At Checkout, select a payment option;
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