Cloud Energy | Pack of 10 Cloud Energy 7W AC LED Bulb (SCREW)


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  • Vibrant Colors: Enjoy a spectrum of vibrant hues to suit any mood or setting.
  • Energy-Efficient: 7W power consumption offers energy savings without compromising on brightness.
  • Easy Installation: Compatible with standard AC sockets for hassle-free setup.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for both residential and commercial spaces, providing ambiance and style.
  • Longevity: Durable design ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.
  • Mood Enhancement: Create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion with customizable lighting options.
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Enhance the ambiance of your home or workspace with our 7W AC Colored Bulb. Designed to provide energy-efficient lighting solutions, this bulb offers a spectrum of vibrant colors to suit your mood and environment. Whether you’re looking to create a calming atmosphere with soft blues or add a pop of excitement with bold reds, this bulb delivers versatility and style. With its standard AC compatibility, installation is a breeze, making it perfect for residential and commercial settings alike. Elevate your lighting experience with our 7W AC Colored Bulb and illuminate your world in dazzling color.

The Cloud Energy AC LED bulbs are energy-efficient, long-lasting, super-bright, have low voltage capability, backed with 3 years guarantee and comes in the Cool White and Warm White variants. They are suitable for use both indoor and outdoor providing good ambience.

Illuminate your space with vibrant hues using our 7W AC Colored Bulb, bringing both energy efficiency and mood-enhancing lighting to any room.

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Cloud Energy | Pack of 10 Cloud Energy 7W AC LED Bulb (SCREW)


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