Before you pull out your cheque book and hire a solar contractor to install your solar power system, you should complete an energy efficiency audit of your home/office first.

This is important because you want to make your home/office as energy efficient as possible in order to reduce the number of solar power panels your system will require since solar panels are the most expensive component of a solar power system, this can save you huge bucks.

OK, so we know an energy efficiency audit is a good idea before sizing our solar power system, but what exactly is involved in an energy audit?

An energy audit can be divided into three parts…

  • Analysis of your home’s past energy usage
  • Assessment of your home’s energy efficiency
  • Prioritized list of recommended actions

The first step is to understand your past energy usage. This will help you identify trends and spikes in your energy consumption. Ideally you will be able to look back at least two years. This analysis will also let you check if the improvements you make after the audit are really reducing your energy consumption.

The second step is the actual energy efficiency audit itself. The audit will look how much energy your home consumes and what elements in your home are consuming that energy. This involves inspecting your homes building envelope such as walls and ceilings, heating and cooling systems, and appliances.

The third step is creating a prioritized list of recommended actions based on the energy audit. If done by a professional, this should include estimated costs and potential savings for each improvement. It should also identify low-cost or no-cost improvements that you can do yourself.

The most important step is taking action based on the audit results which involves partnering with a recommended solar partner like Cloud Energy to perform the energy audit without paying a dime. You can do this simply by clicking here.

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