If you are  a lover of conserving spaces, then you will definitely be a big fan of this LG Sound Bar System AUD 3 SJ that allows you to free your living room from the ugly sights of wires. With LG Sound Bar System AUD 3 SJ, the  active wireless subwoofer allows you to enjoy superb sound quality without compromising on design.  It features an Intelligently adaptive audio. LG’s unique audio enhancing technology analyses frequency levels as you listen to provide an optimum sound mix based on what you are watching. This advanced process ensures your audio instantly adapts to provide crystal clear dialogue or punchy powerful action whatever you choose to watch.

Automatically adjusted audio accuracy. LG Auto Sound Engine optimizes the audio at every volume level keeping the frequencies accurate in the right places. This delivers the correct sound balance no matter what volume your entertainment is playing at. Picture perfect audio partner.  Bring symphony to your home entertainment experience with an integrated solution.

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