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Great Food, Greener Environment

Gas cooker are used for cooking and baking, it uses liquefied natural gas as a source of fuel. It burns efficiently, produces no soot and it leave your cooking utensils sparkling.

Today we live in world where there is so much emphasis on greener environment, in order to achieve this objective; everyone has to contribute his/her own quota towards its realization. IGNIS Gas Cooker FST5623GX has been built with all this in mind. The gas cooker burns efficiently without leaving any soot behind, cooks food really fast, your utensils remains sparkling with no black soot as its the case of cooking with stoves and the likes. IGNIS knows you love to eat good variety of food, that is why the IGNIS gas Cooker FST563GX has been made with 2 gas burner and 2 electric plates for your use, now you can multi task by cooking several meals at the same time, this saves you valuable time and energy.

If you love to bake, we have good news for you, baking just got easier and greener, the IGNIS gas Cooker FST563GX has a gas oven and gas grill. The highly durable IGNIS Gas Cooker FST563GX has a safety sensor device that detects any danger and alerts you accordingly, an internal light that luminates the cooker and allows you see clearly at any time of the day. The gas cooker not only boost of great functionality, its steel finish gives it a great look and strength.

About the Brand
Ignis has made a name for itself as the first Italian home appliance maker (now a brand of Whirlpool Europe), that provides the most outstanding and durable kitchen and home appliances. Ignis prides itself in providing high quality products at the best prices possible.

For Ignis, the goal is to "give the customers what they want" and this is why they are constantly evaluating what the customer wants and how they can provide it. Ignis is always on ground trying to improve their products and customer experience, constantly researching and testing new products, systems and technology to offer only the best products.

Get Ignis home appliances including Washing Machines, Deep Freezers and Cookers at the best prices in Nigeria from and enjoy secure and convenient online shopping, and guaranteed products.

Special Features

  • Detail: Gas Cooker FST562GX INOX
  • 50 x 60 x 85cm
  • 2 Gas Burner - Euro Type with 2 Elect. Plate
  • Gas Oven/ Gas Grill/
  • Double Glass Safety Oven Door/St. Steel Hob
  • Internal Light, Dish Warmer Compartment
  • Safety Sensor Device
  • St. Steel Finish

Specifications of Gas Cooker FST563GX INOX

Weight (kg)27

Additional Information

Model FST563GX
Special Price₦140,800.00
Special Price From DateAug 24, 2015
Special Price To DateNo

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The Ignis Cooker FST563GX is a very good and affordable gas cooker, very quality and affordable Ignis Gas Cooker. Enjoy every moment you spend using them, be proud of all your appliances, cook and savour your well made delicious meals.





Brand Name: Ignis
Product type: Gas Cooker
Model Number: FST-563GX
Euro-Type with Electric Plate, Gas Oven
Stainless Steel Hobb, Glass Lid
Gas Grill, Glass Safety Oven Door
Internal Light, INOX Finish

• 3 Gas Burner - Euro type 1 electric plate
• Gas Oven
• Safety Sensor device
• Stainless Steel Hobb
• Metal Lid
• Gas Grill
• Double Glass safety Oven Door
• Internal Light
• Dish Warmer Compartment
• Stainless Steel Finish

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