We are asked fairly often: I have an existing inverter system, can I make it solar? How difficult is it to upgrade? Can I also add more panels to my system down the road? Is it pocket friendly to upgrade to solar in the long run?

Our answer is always the affirmative!!!

Investing in solar is always a great idea and with your existing inverter you must have benefitted exceptionally from reduced energy bills, reduced noise levels as well as uninterrupted power supply . But as with most technologies, advancements mean that there is now a way to get even more power and in turn more savings and income from your system.


If you own a UPS/Inverter which is in good condition with a good battery, you can convert it to a solar hybrid inverter by taking advantage of Solar. Ordinary inverters are only dependent on grid supply for charging the batteries so if the grid supply is bad, power cuts prevail. Whereas charge controllers charges batteries through solar panels and gives you backup during long hours of power-cuts. You can achieve this by installing Solar panels and making use of a charge controller. This process has been simplified, just click here to choose any solar add-on that suits you and don’t hesitate to ask for a quote here.

Adding more panels to your already existing solar system is also a very possible upgrade. All you need for this is to identify the additional electronics you want to power and ensure additional space is available to install new panels. After that step, you can talk to a consultant here.

Even with the quality of solar panels on a rapid increase, its price is relatively cheap when considering the advantages it poses in the long run; as you will no longer bother about power bills. In her generosity, Cloud Energy has introduced a payment plan that allows Nigerians to purchase solar add-ons and pay in installments up to 12 months. Feel free to enroll and experience the green side of life.

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