An Affordable Electricity Solution

Electricity is pivotal to the development of nations, and Nigeria’s staggering electric power supply frustrates and limits her citizens in so many obvious ways.

As a result, Cloud Energy has introduced a solution in the form of a Solar Access Program that gives Nigerians the freedom of generating their own electricity using Cloud Energy Solar Systems. The Solar Access Program also curbs the barrier of non-affordable Solar and Inverter Systems by introducing a payment plan of up to 12 months for Solar and Inverter bundles.    The Cloud Energy Solar Access Program is open to all Nigerians; employed and self-employed.

In view of the African Union’s renewable energy goals of 2020, Cloud Energy Solar Access Program aims to educate the public on the advantages of using Solar and conserving electricity, it also provides access to constant electricity with no recurrent operational cost (as there is no need to buy fuel- nice isn’t it!) and a significant reduction in electric bills, it also promises increased quality of life and productivity as well as improved security and 24/7 entertainment.

Participation in the program requires valid identification, evidence of gainful or self-employment and responsible citizenship like utility bills, and a reference letter from a bank. With an initial payment of 30% of total cost and a plan that spreads the balance up to 12 months, the Solar or Inverter bundle is installed with a manufacturers’ warranty of between 2 – 25 years.

Each Solar or Inverter bundle available through the program can be tailored to suit your unique electricity needs for your home or office. If you already have an inverter system installed we can provide a Solar solution to the already existing system through our Solar Add-On options.

To learn more about you can benefit from the Cloud Energy Solar Access Program, click here to contact us, a client representative will be available to assist you.